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About AMG

Dr. Heinz Schimmelbusch

“We at AMG combine extensive lithium expertise in research & development, production, and marketing with a reliable and secure raw material base. We strive to become the number one supplier for the battery market in Europe. Besides quality and reliability, we focus on sustainable products and processes to minimize the carbon footprint for our customers and ourselves.”

– Dr. Heinz Schimmelbusch, Chairman and CEO of AMG
As a leading lithium producer, AMG enables green mobility. Safety, efficiency and innovation are driving the business. AMG is an entrepreneur in critical materials and provides now and for the future what its customers need to move the world.

AMG seizes market opportunities. Through market-leading technologies in turbine blade coatings and specialty alloys, AMG is strengthening its position in the booming aerospace engine market. Another opportunity arises in electricity storage systems. The company is expanding its resource position in lithium as well as its market-leading vanadium recycling technology in North America and globally.

AMG is the world’s largest recycler of vanadium-containing refinery waste. The construction of the Zanesville spent catalyst recycling plant has established a truly closed-loop circular economy for the sector in North America and beyond. AMG is also expanding its position in the lithium sector and building an electric vehicle battery materials value chain in Europe.

The company is organized into three divisions: AMG Clean Energy Materials, AMG Critical Minerals, and AMG Critical Materials Technologies. With approximately 3,600 employees, AMG operates globally with production facilities in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, the United States, China, Mexico, Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, and Mozambique, and has sales and customer service offices in Japan.

Market Focus

AMG applies metallurgical based technologies to provide solutions for industrial challenges. AMG provides vacuum furnace solutions for high purity metals and is also a producer of specialty alloys and metals used to improve the characteristics of their end products. AMG applies this knowledge to help meet the growing demand for energy and resource conservation in development of advanced applications in the energy, transportation, infrastructure and specialty metals and chemicals industries.

Electric vehicle


Innovation is driving demand for critical materials in the transportation industry. AMG’s lithium concentrate is in high demand as electric vehicle battery demand continues to grow. Highly engineered materials science-based solutions are needed to increase operating efficiency, lower aircraft weight and improve economics.

Light bulb


Global energy demand growth is driven by two opposing factors—increased energy usage and improvements in energy efficiency. AMG provides materials science-based technologies to improve energy efficiency and increase energy supply, such as graphite used as an insulation material or vanadium electrolyte for vanadium redox flow batteries.



Improvements in infrastructure are essential to growing global GDP and reducing carbon emissions. AMG provides critical materials such as ferrovanadium for high-strength steels. These technologies are deployed in infrastructure projects that are critical to addressing global urbanization trends.

Chemicals beaker

Specialty Metals & Chemicals

Specialty metals and chemicals are used to create products that improve global living standards. AMG produces customized materials science-based solutions that meet the market’s exacting demands, including tantalum, a material used as a capacitor in electronics, and vanadium-based chemicals which improve the insulating and infrared absorbent properties of structural glass and chemical compounds.